Alex Priest

In a world where vampires and demon ilk are very, very real, two agencies work to keep the world safe from the forces of darkness. Demon Eradication And Denial (DEAD LLC) is a corporate entity that charges itself with the training and employment of demon slayers – specialists in combating magical beings. Living Corpses that Bite (LC & B) is a tax exempt public entity that relies on time proven traditions to keep humanity safe from vampires. When hunting evil evolved into blue collar work, the evil had to evolve.

Recent evidence suggests vampires have learned to use magic, meaning they’re more than just a nightly threat. For the first time since their inception, DEAD LLC and LC & B will have to join forces. Which means, for the first time since their bitter break up, Alexandra Priest and Janelle Garcia will have to face one another – or risk an apocalypse. No pressure.

Written by Jordaan Arledge
Illustrated by Scott Malin
Edited by Natalie Cooper
Lettered by Davis Rush
Cover Artists: Scott Malin, Stella Violari, Jenn St-Onge,
Missy Pina, Jeffrey Veregge, Russ Richards Emmett Helen

In the press:

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Outright Geekery – October, 2017
Written Sins – October, 2017
Comic Crusaders – November, 2017
The Nerdy Girl Express – November, 2017
The Nerdy Girl Express – December, 2017