Our Creators

Melissa Capriglione | Principle Artist / Colorist | She/Her

Melissa Capriglione (cap-rig-lee-own) is a queer comic artist living in Indiana. She graduated in 2017 with a BFA in Drawing and Illustration from Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis. She is best known for self-publishing a webcomic called “Falconhyrste” with co-author Clara W. since 2016. She specializes in stories featuring women who love women.

Micah Weltsch | Colorist | He/Him

Micah is a cartoonist and illustrator from Virginia and the creator of the mythological superhero comic, the Sparrow. He’s currently in charge of bringing ALEX PRIEST to life in color – whenever he’s not obsessing over his ferrets and cats.

Leanna C | Graphic Designer | She/Her

Leanna is an illustrator, comic maker, designer, content editor, and marketing professional. She does it all, because these days, who doesn’t? Originally from Southern California, Leanna now lives in a small town in Utah because the rent is much cheaper there. She loves to attend cons, yell about queer media, and pet good cats.

Rhianna Mills | Graphic Designer | They/Them

Rhianna Mills is a Graphic Designer with 4+ years of both college and independent experience. Currently located in Southern California, they take great pride in being as self-indulgent as a designer as they possibly can while creating work that both them and their clients can be proud of. They also take pride in being a pretty good singer, writer, video game player, and a freelance illustrator as a hobby.

Briar Wright | Flatter | Xe/Xem/Xir

Briar Wright is a Black and queer comic artist and writer who lives in Florida with xir’s sibling. When xe is not doing art, xe’s working on xir’s writing or playing video games. You can follow xem on Twitter at @Balshumet or view xir’s portfolio at shorturl.at/hyBZ1.

Arin Bray | Copywriter | She/They

Arin Bray is a disabled lesbian cartoonist. She enjoys making dark fantasy stories about monsters, sapphics, and sometimes sapphic monsters geared towards middle-grade and young adult readers. When she’s not creating, she enjoys caring for her pets, being out in nature, and playing video games.