Our Creators

Scott Malin | Principle Artist | He/Him

Scott Malin – artist of the award winning ALEX PRIEST series, and cocreator of the break-out hit THE GREAT WITCH ARTEMIS – seems like he may be fresh on the scene, but he’s been drawing since he first gripped a pencil. Scott’s style is a unique and flavorful take on manga, that he’s spent years honing, putting in countless hours to get to where he is today.

Matt Aytch Taylor | Principle Artist | He/Him

Matt Aytch Taylor is a cartoonist and illustrator who resides in Buffalo, NY with his partner, their two cats, and a weird obsession with old boats.

Melissa Capriglione | Principle Artist / Colorist | She/Her

Melissa Capriglione (cap-rig-lee-own) is a queer comic artist living in Indiana. She graduated in 2017 with a BFA in Drawing and Illustration from Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis. She is best known for self-publishing a webcomic called “Falconhyrste” with co-author Clara W. since 2016. She specializes in stories featuring women who love women.

Shadia Amin | Principle Artist | She/Her

Shadia Amin is a Colombian comics artist and illustrator. Her works include The Amazing World of Gumball: The Storm, Alloy: Electrum, Local Haunts, The Automan’s Daughter, and many fanzines. When she’s not drawing she’s cooking or chasing her dog in the backyard.

Micah Weltsch | Colorist | He/Him

Micah is a cartoonist and illustrator from Virginia and the creator of the mythological superhero comic, the Sparrow. He’s currently in charge of bringing ALEX PRIEST to life in color – whenever he’s not obsessing over his ferrets and cats.

C. Eric “Hades” | Colorist | He/They

Eric is rumored to be a bog entity that learned how to hold a pen residing quietly in Florida. A queer comic creator & illustrator with a penchant for color, he’s always looking to merge his love of cinematic lighting within the sequential art medium.