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Alex Priest 1of5 May17 Cover-01Alex Priest
Paranormal fantasy adventure

Written by Jenn Arledge
Illustrated by Scott Malin
Edited by Natalie Cooper
Lettered by Davis Rush
Cover Artists: Scott Malin, Stella Violari, Jenn St-Onge, Missy Pina, Jeffrey Veregge, Emmett Helen


Avies Stories Cover Winter 2018_Main

Avie’s Stories

Children’s Comic Collection

Written by Jenn Arledge
Cover Art by Sharron Arledge
Interiors: Charlotte Watson, Jay Goldstein, Annette Blank, Craig Dixon, Natalie Cooper, Veronica Azana, Melissa Capriglione, Emmett Helen


Black Gold Cover_Main Cover

Black Gold

Historical Pirate Adventure

Written by Jenn Arledge
Interiors: Kellik, Gregory Woronchak, Bethany Varni
Lettered by Davis Rush
Edited by Natalie Cooper


Main Cover - Front

Future Girl

All Ages Sci-Fi Superhero Adventure

Created by Ross Dannenberg
Written by Jenn Arledge
Interiors: Miranda Davila, Juli Crowder, Tanya Bobrowski, Melissa Capriglione, Nikki Sherman


Martyrs Front Cover_Main

The Martyrs

Post-Apocalyptic Mutant Special Ops

Written by Jenn Arledge
Illustrated by Rafa Lee
Cover Art by Gregory Woronchak and Micah Weltsch


Trial Run_Front CoverTrial Run

All-Ages Superhero Anthology

Edited by Jenn Arledge

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Jenn Arledge is a comic writer and founder of Arledge Comics. Jenn’s credits span from the award-winning ALEX PRIEST series to all-ages titles like FUTURE GIRL (Pixabits) and historical adventures like BLACK GOLD.  They graduated from Central Washington University with degrees in English – focusing in British literature – and in philosophy – specializing in religious studies and focusing in pre-Christian literature. When they’re not reading or creating comic books, Jenn can be found at your local comic book convention talking about indie press and queer representation in comics.



Natalie “Nat” Cooper – editor of the award-winning series, ALEX PRIEST. (And BLACK GOLD and AVIE’S STORIES – and all Jenn’s bad ideas, too.) Editor only because people don’t recognize ‘Herculean Muse’ as an actual job title. When she’s not reading scripts – both comic and television – Nat spends her days catching them all as a real-life Pokemon master.




Scott Malin – artist of the award winning ALEX PRIEST series – may be fresh on the scene, but he’s been drawing since he first gripped a pencil. His style is a unique and flavorful take on manga, that he’s spent years honing, putting in countless hours to get to where he is today.





Sharron Arledge attended the University of Washington studying social work. Now, she is a mental health advocate by day and a comic slinger by night. Sharron’s been working behind the scenes at Arledge Comics and was officially hired on as Jenn’s executive assistant Summer of 2018. When she’s not attending conventions or working, she enjoys heeding her call of duty and slaying zombies.



Kayla Moore, otherwise known on the internet as, Kayla (big plot twist right there) hails from the hottest depths of the United States known to man as Arizona. She has spent over half her life writing novels and contributing to various blogs from AbsolutePunk, Oh No They Didn’t, to founding her own (now defunct) music journal, WeDon’tBuyYourMerch.

When she isn’t lurking the internet, Moore can be found plotting and scripting her comic and novel, developing characters, or hoarding all the sweets in existence.


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