Our Team

Jordaan Arledge | Founder & President | They/Them

Jordaan Arledge is a comic writer and founder of Arledge Comics. Jordaan’s credits span from the award-winning ALEX PRIEST series to all-ages titles like FUTURE GIRL (Pixabits) and historical adventures like BLACK GOLD.  They graduated from Central Washington University with degrees in English – focusing in British literature – and in philosophy – specializing in religious studies and focusing in pre-Christian literature. When they’re not reading or creating comic books, Jenn can be found at your local comic book convention talking about indie press and queer representation in comics.

Natalie Cooper | Editor-in-Chief | She/Her

Natalie “Nat” Cooper – editor of the award-winning series, ALEX PRIEST. (And BLACK GOLD and AVIE’S STORIES – and all Jordaan’s bad ideas, too.) Editor only because people don’t recognize ‘Herculean Muse’ as an actual job title. When she’s not reading scripts – both comic and television – Nat spends her days catching them all as a real-life Pokemon master.

Sharron Arledge | Chief Administrative Officer | She/Her

Sharron Arledge attended the University of Washington studying social work. Now, she is a mental health advocate by day and a comic slinger by night. Sharron’s been working behind the scenes at Arledge Comics and was officially hired on as Jenn’s executive assistant Summer of 2018. When she’s not attending conventions or working, she enjoys heeding her call of duty and slaying zombies.

Zach Sherwood | Director of Operations | He/Him

Sometimes known as the assistant to the assistant: This distant descendant of Robin Hood has brought some much needed organization to the Arledge Comics chaos. Fulfilling Kickstarters is hard work, but Zach handles the mess with ease. 

Frances Cardenas | Outside Sales Manager | She/Her

Frances is a gal who loves singing, watching anime “in her spare time” ( aka never lately) , Disney movies, all things Studio Ghibli, and lastly but most importantly , loves being a wife and mother. Her short term goals include one day soon, getting a Degree in Business Management with a minor in accounting from, Old Dominion University, being an efficient member of the AC team, and being the best mother and wife I can be.

Leanna C | Graphic Designer | She/Her

Leanna is an illustrator, comic maker, designer, content editor, and marketing professional. She does it all, because these days, who doesn’t? Originally from Southern California, Leanna now lives in a small town in Utah because the rent is much cheaper there. She loves to attend cons, yell about queer media, and pet good cats.

Bryce Beal | Writer & Editor | He/Him

Bryce Beal is a writer hailing from Baltimore, MD. who enjoys nothing more than sitting at his desk and typing the day away. His story City Seas appeared in Gambling in the Isles Monthly Flash Fiction. He is also the co-creator of the breakout hit, The Great Witch Artemis.

Scott Malin | Principle Artist | He/Him

Scott Malin – artist of the award winning ALEX PRIEST series, and cocreator of the break-out hit THE GREAT WITCH ARTEMIS – seems like he may be fresh on the scene, but he’s been drawing since he first gripped a pencil. Scott’s style is a unique and flavorful take on manga, that he’s spent years honing, putting in countless hours to get to where he is today.

Matt Aytch Taylor | Principle Artist | He/Him

Matt Aytch Taylor is a cartoonist and illustrator who resides in Buffalo, NY with his partner, their two cats, and a weird obsession with old boats.

Melissa Capriglione | Principle Artist / Colorist | She/Her

Melissa Capriglione (cap-rig-lee-own) is a queer comic artist living in Indiana. She graduated in 2017 with a BFA in Drawing and Illustration from Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis. She is best known for self-publishing a webcomic called “Falconhyrste” with co-author Clara W. since 2016. She specializes in stories featuring women who love women.

Shadia Amin | Principle Artist | She/Her

Shadia Amin is a Colombian comics artist and illustrator. Her works include The Amazing World of Gumball: The Storm, Alloy: Electrum, Local Haunts, The Automan’s Daughter, and many fanzines. When she’s not drawing she’s cooking or chasing her dog in the backyard.

Micah Weltsch | Colorist | He/Him

Micah is a cartoonist and illustrator from Virginia and the creator of the mythological superhero comic, the Sparrow. He’s currently in charge of bringing ALEX PRIEST to life in color – whenever he’s not obsessing over his ferrets and cats.

C. Eric “Hades” | Colorist | He/They

Eric is rumored to be a bog entity that learned how to hold a pen residing quietly in Florida. A queer comic creator & illustrator with a penchant for color, he’s always looking to merge his love of cinematic lighting within the sequential art medium.

Diane Rockell | Flatter | She/Her

Diane Rockell is a bisexual queer lady originally hailing from Ipswich, England, but now resides in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. She likes to create stories that speak from the heart. When not holed up in her local coffee shop writing and inhaling chai lattes, Diane spends most of her time helping her friends table at conventions, devouring tasty bagels, and sipping whiskey on the patio.