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Emerald City Comic Con 2018 (Panel)
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Lilac City Comic Con 2018 (June 9-10)
Destiny City Comics and Arts Festival (June 23)

Rose City Comic Con (September 7-9)
Jet City Comic Show 2018 (November 3-4)


Jenn Arledge is a comic writer and founder of Arledge Comics. Jenn’s credits span from the award-winning ALEX PRIEST series to all-ages titles like FUTURE GIRL (Pixabits) and historical adventures like BLACK GOLD.  They graduated from Central Washington University with degrees in English – focusing in British literature – and in philosophy – specializing in religious studies and focusing in pre-Christian literature. When they’re not reading or creating comic books, Jenn can be found at your local comic book convention talking about indie press and queer representation in comics.



Natalie “Nat” Cooper – editor of the award-winning series, ALEX PRIEST. (And BLACK GOLD and AVIE’S STORIES – and all Jenn’s bad ideas, too.) Editor only because people don’t recognize ‘Herculean Muse’ as an actual job title. When she’s not reading scripts – both comic and television – Nat spends her days catching them all as a real-life Pokemon master.




Scott Malin – artist of the award winning ALEX PRIEST series – may be fresh on the scene, but he’s been drawing since he first gripped a pencil. His style is a unique and flavorful take on manga, that he’s spent years honing, putting in countless hours to get to where he is today.