Magical Natalie

Magic, metal and murder. Just another day in Vegas.

Natalie is a magician whose online videos have made her a viral sensation globally. It doesn’t hurt that she’s able to use real magic! Her girlfriend, Lulu, is the lead singer in a metal band. She also might be half demon. When these two women decide to take their musical magic act on tour, their agent books their first gig in Las Vegas – the city of mysticism and sin. But tragedy strikes on opening night when one of their friends is attacked by a demonic creature and killed on stage. And it looks like murder!

The list of suspects is massive, the stakes are high, the odds are against them, and the players are out for blood. As they investigate the death of their friend, Natalie and Lulu are pulled into an ancient conspiracy that threatens the status quo of Sin City. And only together can they hope to survive this first stop on their world tour.

Writer: Trevor Mueller
Artist: Katie Flemming
Colorist: Jason Lewis (issue 1), Melissa Capriglione (issues 2-6)
Letterer: Micah Myers (issue 1), TBD (issues 2-6)

Coming Summer 2023