Adorable Assistants: Tails Behind the Art

We are no longer accepting applications for comics, short stories, and illustrations for Adorable Assistants: Tails Behind the Art. Please check back later for updates on this title!

Don’t move that cat off that keyboard! They’re hard at work.

Whether they’re helpful service animals, emotional support animals or adored pets, they are always right there by our sides. Many find their animal companions to be vital collaborators in their work. Sometimes… whether we like it or not. Adorable Assistants: Tails Behind the Art is a collection of comics, short stories, and illustrations dedicated to the fur, feathers, and scales that support our work, asking for nothing but love in return.

And treats. Most definitely treats, too.

Maria Pellegrino, Jordaan Arledge, Natalie Cooper

Arledge Comics’ Anthology Mentorship Program

Adorable Assistants will be managed and edited through our mentorship program! Back in April, we solicited pitches from those who wished to run an anthology project but lacked the experience and resources to do so.

What does this mean for you? Not much!

A lot of the learning will be happening behind the scenes. If you’re super familiar with anthologies, then you may notice this project taking a bit longer than others. We’ll be cutting zero corners and going over things a number of times, so our mentee has all the knowledge and tools needed to run another anthology once this project is finished. Our biggest ask of you – those submitting, and those we’ll be lucky to work with – is patience if you find the editing process taking longer than you’re accustomed to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a paid anthology?
Absolutely! Each submission form lists the page rate/word rate/project rate for each role in the project.

How is this anthology funded?
We’ll be funding Adorable Assistants through Kickstarter. We’ve had some good luck funding previous anthologies, so we’re very confident we’ll be able to do it again.

Can I submit multiple forms?
We’re happy to accept multiple submission forms from creators. Please keep in mind, however, that we’ll only accept one pitch per category per creator (ie we won’t accept multiple short stories from the same writer).

What is a pinch hitter?
Let’s say we accept a comic team, but the artist drops out for health/family/time/other reasons. The hero that swoops in and replaces that artist? That’s the pinch hitter.

If I become a pinch hitter, will I be paid?
Yes. We don’t believe in work without pay. If you join a comic team later in the process, you’ll be paid as if you were always on that team.

Do contributors get a copy of the book?
Yes! All contributors will get what we call a Kickstarter bundle. One copy of the book, plus one copy of any merch included in the campaign (pins, stickers, ect).

Can we get additional copies?
Yes, again! Once the book is complete and printing costs established, we offer additional copies to all contributors at wholesale pricing.