Editorial Team

Bryce Beal | Writer & Editor | He/Him

Bryce Beal is a writer hailing from Baltimore, MD. who enjoys nothing more than sitting at his desk and typing the day away. His story City Seas appeared in Gambling in the Isles Monthly Flash Fiction. He is also the co-creator of the breakout hit, The Great Witch Artemis.

Natalie Cooper | Writer & Editor | She/Her

Natalie “Nat” Cooper – editor of the award-winning series, ALEX PRIEST. (And BLACK GOLD and AVIE’S STORIES – and all Jordaan’s bad ideas, too.) Editor only because people don’t recognize ‘Herculean Muse’ as an actual job title. When she’s not reading scripts – both comic and television – Nat spends her days catching them all as a real-life Pokemon master.

Chuck Pineau | Editor | He/Him

Chuck Pineau is a writer/editor, having (co)created such works as Welcome to the Void, Belial, and Essence House. His vast editing history includes such treasures as Dulce, Swords and Sorrows, and Appalachian Assassin.

Taylor Setniker | Editor | She/Her

Reading and writing since before she could walk, Taylor has found her home in the world of comic books. Most of her time is spent as a writer, editor, and marketing specialist, but she couldn’t do any of it without a cup of tea. Her favorite thing to do is to breathe life into characters with real world dilemmas in fantasy situations. She spends her days enjoying the beautiful worlds created around her instead of in reality.

Katrina Roets | Editor | She/Her

Author of children’s stories and young adult fiction. I also work with other writers to help make their stories the best that they can be. If I’m not sitting behind a keyboard, it’s almost guaranteed that I’m hanging out with my one or both of my teen boys or trying to convince a cat that no, they don’t need to be on my lap right now.