This week’s Starbucks trip~

If I were the sort of writer that had space for dedications in his or her work, I would have a page dedicated wholly to Starbucks. Snobs from Seattle will tell you independent coffee shops are the way to go, but this girl runs on free refills of their cold brew coffee.

Wait. You didn’t tune in to read about Starbucks? Oh…

Well, then. Onto the updates:

Production for Black Gold is proudly at 12%. That’s huge. Our artist is hard at work illustrating the comic, and I’ve been collaborating with Andrea – the financial investor who’s making Black Gold a reality – on how to make Black Gold most friendly toward an Italian audience. It’s really a thrill to work on translating my work into Italian for a whole new audience. I’ve also been working with a couple of artists on some cover art. Right now, we’re planning on having a total of three covers. The official cover, of course, then two variants. Those of you who backed us through our Indiegogo campaign will get an exclusive Indiegogo cover. Then, there will be a third exclusive cover for subscribers of my Patreon. There will be very limited quantities of the variant editions produced. Once they’re gone, they’ll be gone. Look out for WIPs on my Patreon and on Black Gold’s Facebook page.

Switching gears: When I have a number of projects I’m working on, I cannot focus on all at once. I end up putting something down for a couple weeks. Then I revisit it, leaving everything else to sit for a while. This week, I picked up JOG 2.0. (Isaiah just finished a major revamp of his site, you should check that out!) I’ve got a first script written, and I’m working on outlining issue two. Personally, I’m advocating naming the issues like software. JOG 2.1, 2.2, ect. Coming up with titles is exhausting! As I’m sure you can tell by how I title my blog entries. ^_^

To work on JOG, I put down Martyrs. I’ve put together an outline for the first issue of that comic, but I don’t plan on putting a script together until I’m satisfied with the work I’ve done with JOG. Martyrs is turning out to be a dark – almost noir-esque – tale. The comic will be appearing in, mostly, black and white. Ed and I are planning for something dark, gritty and dirty. The Martyrs is unlike anything else I’ve worked on, and I can’t wait for it to develop to the point where I can share more of it. Oh, wait. I have an Martyrs First Outline to share. 🙂

And there’s your last update for August!

My goal in September is to have a weekly update for you, readers. #FingersCrossed

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