I have come a long way in three months. A long way. In May, I was an aspiring comic book writer who had a single concept with no means to have it produced. Now, I’ve finished my first comic script contract.

It started when a member of deviantART contacted me, wanting a story commissioned that she could use to frame a comic around. After learning I’ve been writing comic scripts, my first contract was made.

I had a lot of creative license with the project. Initially, her request was that the comic have a somber feel to it. That still gave me a world of concepts to work with. As I contemplated the task, “Cold Day in July” by the Dixie Chicks was stuck in my head. I rarely listen to such music, but the story in the lyrics struck me. That’s when I proposed the comic be centered around the lyrics of a song.

I was given a list of songs that she liked – most of them from different anime series. I picked four of them (there was quite the list) and proposed a story for each. She settled on Melodie, for which I proposed: Featuring the lyrics of “Melodie,” the comic spans generations of religious war – starting with the Romans, going to the Crusades, first Jihad and moving into modern warfare. It explores the soldiers fighting for their kings and countries and gods, while they begin to question their faith.

Melodie took me two days to outline and a week to script.

It was an amazingly fun script to write. I have a love of history and religion – so it really played to my strengths. But, more than that, the structure of this comic was unique. The comic is very disjointed. As you can imagine, the comic is a collection of scenes – as we span three thousand years in a matter of twenty pages. Instead of a beginning-middle-end kind of story, this is more of a mosaic. The lyrics of the song pull the scenes together into a single unit, but each scene could stand by itself as a mini comic.

You can read the outline of Melodie here.

The artist promised updates as she drew the comic. I’m excited to share how this comic evolves from my script.

Also? Super excited to say my first script contract is complete. Hashtag professional.

You can also read the full script here before I post it!

Melodie Script

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