Mind. Blown.

When a creator first conceives a comic concept, there are a lot of things that go through their minds. How does the story play out? What art style would best tell my story? For writers with no artistic talent: how am I going to fund this thing? But there’s one thing that I’m fairly certain no indie comic writers even begin thinking of.

Fan art.

The concept of fan art is a mind boggling thing. First, you have to possess a rockin’ comic. Well, it’s in production. But Black Gold is definitely rockin’. Second, you must have fans. Our Facebook page is pretty impressive for an indie comic that hasn’t even gone to press yet. I know a lot of our Facebook fans are family members and good friends of mine (hi guys) that are showing support by way of clicking the tiny like button. So, other than those directly involved with Black Gold’s production, I’ve always counted fans of the comic to be few.

Few is apparently enough.

I was searching for a couple comic cover artists so our first issue could have variant covers (what’s that? Variants? Yes. Let me drop that bomb on you.), and I was approached by an artist who – oh so casually – said “I love your concept, can I draw fan art for it?”

People. This was my face.


My mind was absolutely blown. But it was blown in a good way. You’d think that it would have sunk in by now – but I had still considered this to be my pet project. It was great having so much support, but I’ve been working on Black Gold because it was something I wanted. The past month has opened my eyes to realizing that this was something other people wanted too.

That’s a pretty amazing feeling.

So, yeah, Black Gold has its first fan art.

Mind. Blown.

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