Updates all Around!

My writing schedule has become so packed!

Black Gold is still trucking along. Pages two and three are being inked and will soon be colored. We’re still on track to go to print this December. So Black Gold for Christmas. Issue two – Into the Storm – is in the planning stages. I have an outline in the works and hope to be working on that script by the time Prelude to a Storm is finished.

Issue one of JOG 2.0 has been completed, and I’m planning issue two. Isaiah has been working on an art book – which is almost completed – and has almost finished up JOG 1.0. I’m looking forward to posting links to his finished work (and sharing more updates of JOG 2.0, of course).

My apocalypse job – code name AJ – is going along swimmingly. I’ll be finishing up that outline later this week, then scripting will begin. This is going to be a great story, and I wish I could say more. So just be excited. XD

I’ve three new projects, too – which is why my schedule is so packed now. First, I’m collaborating with an eastern European artist on a short one-shot webcomic. It focuses on the relationship of a young teenage couple – after he dies in a horrible car crash. Dun dun dun. This is in the planning stages, and I’m hoping to have some character concepts for this soon.

Next is another short one-shot comic; this one is a paid project. The artist wanted something somber, and I thought playing with music would be a unique and fun idea. So she presented me with a list of songs, and this is what I came up with. Featuring the lyrics of Melodie, the comic spans generations of religious war – starting with the Romans, going to the Crusades, first Jihad and moving into modern warfare. It explores the soldiers fighting for their kings and countries and gods, while they begin to question their faith. The religious studies nerd in me is very excited for this. I’m outlining this one now.

Last is a pet project of mine. I’m collaborating with a local artist on a comic that explores a post WWIII world. People are suffering unique effects from nuclear fallout, and evil rises to power in the political vacuum the war left behind. This will be an ongoing project, so expect regular updates on this one. I’m tentatively titling it The Martyrs – the name of the special ops team that’s been assembled to take out evil and protect what’s left of the human race.

And that’s your update! Black Gold’s Indiegogo campaign is holding steady at $100. With our financial investor, the production is completely paid for. This money – and any more raised – will be used to cover printing expenses.

Stay tuned for comic updates, concept work and other shenanigans!

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