Into the Storm

I’m experiencing the oddest thing. I’m writing for myself. I know right? As I write this, drafts have been sent to clients, and I have nothing on my to-do list. Time for a Black Gold update!

I’ve been working closely with Nunun in getting Black Gold: Prelude to a Storm produced. Our first issue is about one quarter of the way completed. We’re averaging one week per page, so I’m hoping to get the comic to a letterer by the end of next month. Other than overseeing that, I’ve also been preparing cover art for the comic. Nunun will be designing his once the comic is completed, and we have two variant covers which will be available for the first issue. Want to check out our variant artists? Brian & Fadly

Anyone know a graphic designer? Contracting one will be my next task.

What does the creator do when the artists do their thing? To reference Sheldon Cooper: You can’t turn this off. I’m like the sun.

Black Gold is plotted out to be a five part series. Prelude to a Storm is the first in the series – which will eventually be released as a trade. The second issue will be titled Into the Storm. Oh, did you catch on? Yep. I’m working on issue two. As you may guess by the titles of each issue, PtaS is the lead up to our main story, and ItS is where refuse hits the fan. Someone is going to betray the captain and start a war.

So I guess I better get back to writing. Meanwhile, here’s some previews of the cover work!

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