A Message from AC

Hey everyone.

First off, we’d like to say we’re sorry. Earlier this year a business card was compromised, and PayPal issued charge backs to any creator who had been paid using that card. All attempts to get PayPal to straighten things out didn’t go anywhere, and eventually we decided to send out checks to every creator who had been wronged by this while we continued to try and resolve our bank’s mistake.

It’s come to our attention that some creators never received those checks, and for that, we’re deeply sorry. All were sent out by mid March, and when we heard nothing back from creators, we assumed the situation was resolved. We know now that we should have been more proactive in ensuring those payments were received. We’re a young company, and we’re still growing and learning from our mistakes, and we intend to learn and grow from this as well.

We’re reaching out directly to affected creators. If you’re waiting on anything else—such as bonus copies or other items you were meant to receive—please reach out to us immediately. We have reissued checks, and will do our best to avoid a situation like this moving forward. For example, because of this incident, we’ve tried to move fully away from PayPal and instead have switched to Zelle and business checks. Anything to ensure creators are never at risk like this again.

Arledge Comics is a company built around unity and transparency; we never want our creators feeling like they can’t communicate with us. If there’s anything ever bothering you, or anything you’re ever unsure about, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re young and growing. We’ve learned from this. We will do better.

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