Corona, Covid, and Staying Safe

It seems like telling fact from fiction is a game of chance anymore. Was it the governor or Iron Man who said ‘Earth is closed today’? Nothing is really certain during this pandemic except for the uncertainty. Closures, quarantines, and stay-at-home orders have taken a toll on our communities, especially our creative communities. Arledge Comics is committed to putting our creators’ needs ahead of production and building up the arts community however we’re able.

State of AC

Our greatest concern is keeping our staff healthy and safe. We’re postponing all releases for the immediate time. We want to give our writers and artists every opportunity to care for their families or themselves as they need. The Corona pandemic is a trauma we’re experiencing together, and self care needs to take precedent.

A number of our vendors are small, independently owned businesses that have closed their doors out of necessity. In solidarity, we’re holding off on printing new comics until our regular supply lines are back open. Supporting our small businesses is more important now than ever, and we stand with everyone who’s made the tough decision to close down in the name of safety.

While releases have stalled, our doors remain open. For those who are still willing and able to work, production has not stalled. Times are uncertain, and if our creators can work, we have a place for them to work. Our store also remains open. Shipping has been cut from weekly to twice a month – again, keeping in mind the health and safety of our people on ground. We’re also updating our store to include digital copies of all our titles!

Reaching Out

We’re committed to continuing to support our arts and comics communities: Firstly, through keeping as many creators employed as possible. Secondly, we’re continuing to invest in small businesses, so others may open their doors once more. Lastly, it’s a priority to develop new ways to provide aid to those in need.

We are eternally thankful to our fans and customers who have stood beside us through this unprecedented time. And we ask that you all endeavor to remain safe and healthy so we can come out the other side of this together.

We all still have comics to make and stories to tell.

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