Arledge Comics Unveils Logo Redesign


Arledge Comics Unveils Striking Logo Redesign Reflecting a Bold New Chapter

Arledge Comics is thrilled to reveal its brand-new logo as a symbol of its exciting journey ahead. This logo redesign represents Arledge Comics’ evolution and forward-looking vision for the future.

The previous logo has served as a trusted symbol for many years, but as Arledge Comics has expanded its offerings and reached new milestones, it became evident that the brand needed a refreshed identity to match its current aspirations and vision.

Jordaan Arledge, EIC and Co-Founder of Arledge Comics, shared, “Our logo redesign is a reflection of our company’s evolution and a love letter to our heritage. Like the arrow, we’re always striving forward, and it’s a visual reminder of our ultimate goal: Putting more of ourselves and our creators into our stories.”

As we move forward, our new logo will be integrated seamlessly into every facet of Arledge Comics’ operations, from our website and marketing materials to our digital presence on social media platforms.

The logo redesign marks a thrilling chapter in Arledge Comics’ journey. As we embrace this new visual identity, we reaffirm our commitment to diversity and inclusion, putting creators first, and our relentless pursuit of excellent stories.

For more information about Arledge Comics and our redesigned logo, please visit our website at

About Arledge Comics

Founded in 2016 by Chickasaw siblings, Arledge Comics started as a hobby and became the home of the critically acclaimed ALEX PRIEST. Since its inception, Arledge Comics has grown to include a number of anthologies, – including TRIAL RUN, MY KINGDOM FOR A PANEL, and STRANGE WATERS – and creator owned comics (like NO GOING BACK and RELIQUEST). Native founded, queer owned and operated: our mission is to create inclusive comics for the whole family to enjoy.

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