Branding Yourself as a Freelancer

As most of you know, I’ve been working as a content editor for Big Wonder World.  I’ve been working on a series that I think a lot of you – my readers – will find beneficial. I am compiling all my years of experience as a freelancer (geez, if that doesn’t make me feel old!) into a series of articles I’ve dubbed The Creators Toolbox.

What’s in The Creator’s Toolbox? This series is aimed at those starting out in the freelancing world. So I’m starting with the very basics. The first piece in the toolbox is branding. What is branding? How do you properly build a brand? In The Creator’s Toolbox series, I’ll be sharing some of my own experiences and some tips & tricks I’ve picked up along the way.

   You’ve decided to throw yourself into the chaotic world of freelancing, complicated taxes, and shouting into the void. Or as some of us say, indie comics. Congratulations. You’re either very brave or very crazy. Or, like most of us, a healthy mingling of the two. As you go about establishing yourself in the comic industry, keep in mind the image you want to present – not only to potential clients but to fans and colleagues. Keep in mind your brand.

When people mention branding, it’s typically the finishing touches that first come to mind. A name. A logo. A color scheme. These are all fairly important, but they don’t make your brand. Your brand is determined by the work you do.

The full article will be released on Big Wonder World Thursday, August 10th. 

But wait, there’s more!

I’ll be accompanying each piece in this series with a live video chat for my supporters on Patreon. In a closed session, I’ll be going a bit more in depth about the topic and covering points the article doesn’t. Patrons will also be able to fire questions at me, which I’ll do my level best to field. The non-live video will then be made public on my YouTube channel.

Want to pick my brain? All patrons will have access to my live sessions. For as little as three cents a day – yeah, $1 a month is literally $0.03 a day – you can participate in this and all my live sessions.

So head over to my Patreon and sign up.
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What am I covering next? Next month I’ll be talking about email lists. How I build them – how YOU can build them – and how to properly utilize them. I also have some things planned for a Kickstarter piece (I’m three successful campaigns in – I even share my vendors) and tabling at conventions. I share my own experiences, and I share advice that I’ve curated – in teaching myself – and advice I wish I’d had.

So keep an eye out for The Creator’s Toolbox – I’ll see you on Patreon.

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