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Hey followers. I’ve been a bit on the silent side. That’s because I’m hard at work! I’m busy editing Trial Run – that anthology is turning out so great. I have all the scripts to artists at this time, and comics are slowly being turned back into me. I met with a graphic artist to develop a title logo and work on things like a table of contents. I’ll keep saying it: I completely underestimated how much work an anthology really was. (Un)fortunately, this won’t stop me from putting another anthology together. I’m enjoying the process, and I’d like to find a really good theme and produce a collection of anthologies.

On my comic front: Alex Priest is now on Kickstarter. At the time of my writing this, we’re sitting at 205% with nine days left in the campaign. That means that Alex Priest will be in readers hands this year. I’ve gotten so much support from the indie community, and I’m really excited by the enthusiasm of our backers. It’s validating to have so many people excited about my work. I’ve formally announced Alex Priest #2. As soon as I have the comic in my hands, I’m going to finish outlining the second issue.

Production for the Martyrs is well underway. I’m hoping to have that comic finished in time for the Jet City Comic Show this November. Lastly: Black Gold is nine pages away from being complete.

I’m still writing for Mindless Designs Comics. JOG 2.0 is coming out this Spring. So I’m going to be busy later this year, making sure that there’s plenty of script for Isaiah and the guys to illustrate. I’m actually very excited for this title because it’ll be the first that I’m lettering. That’s right, I’m moving outside my comfortable wheelhouse of writing and editing to do a little minor graphic work.

Last update! I’ve starting working as a content editor for Ingram Comics. I’m developing a regular column where I read, review and feature comics from the indie community. My major focus is on comics that really highlight the right way to develop diversity in comics. And I am always looking for new material!

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