Jet City Comic Show 2016

Day One.

I wouldn’t be hard pressed to say Jet City Comic Show in Tacoma, WA is the highlight of my 2016. It’s much smaller than Emerald City Comic Con – or even Rose City Comic Con. But there is still so much good energy and great talent.

I use the first day as my preview day. I walked the whole exhibition hall without stopping to talk to a lot of people – and not just because I’m socially awkward! My preview day is when I spend the most money, because that’s where I visit artists. By now, I’ve checked out what indie comics are in attendance, so I will stop by those tables tomorrow and chat with them.

The highlights of today include: meeting Aly Michalka (iZombie), Roger Cross (The L Word, Dark Matter, Arrow), Randy Emberlin and getting a Deadpool print from Diana Greenhalgh.

My favorite meet and greet of the day was Aly Michalka. She is SO nice. I managed to get to her table during a lull, so we chatted about the show – and about iZombie. I am a huge fan of her portrayal of Peyton, and now I’m definitely a fan of Aly. In her words, “a lot of people don’t realize [iZombie] is based on a comic.” That was, of course, when I pulled my copy of volume one out of my bag and asked her to sign it. Haha!

I’m definitely looking forward to going back tomorrow. I’m excited to spend more time with the creators and take in a panel or two.

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