Leaving Patreon

I’d like to call this a failed venture, but – in failure – you can learn a lot.

Originally, I thought that Patreon would be a great vehicle for creating comics. The model was perfect, I thought. I would create comics, and the money I gained from my patrons would fund new artists and new comics. A self fulfilling mission. But things didn’t work that way.

Patreon is great if you have a large following already. The famous example is Sakimichan who has an ungodly amount of followers – and, in turn, takes in an ungodly amount of money each month. Patreon is, also, really great if you create smut. You can say “NSFW art” but I watched a number of these artists. Those I watched never publicly dabbled in NFSW art until they started a Patreon. But then they realized that sex does really sell. So – as a follower – I saw less art and more smut.

I don’t write smut. And my following is small but growing. And… those are the reasons that made me decide to stop using Patreon – at least for now.

My goal is to focus more on my writing. I want to focus more on my audience and building my audience. Maybe I’ll turn back to Patreon one day. But not today and not anytime soon.

Starting today, I focus more on finding artists to partner with. It’s hard being a creator with no talent – by way of visual arts – but I need to find partners to share ideas with instead of artists to hire. It’ll be hard, but I know that hard work will pay off.

To quote my favorite movie: Of course it’s hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great.

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