Hitting a brick wall and somehow breaking through (or an update)

Sometimes – no matter what effort you put into something – you feel like you hit a brick wall. I’ve been working on Black gold for years – literal years now – and I grew frustrated with the project. At one point, it felt like nothing was going right. I just had to put it down. Sometimes you have to take a step back and give yourself time before moving forward again.

So I put Black Gold down. In the mean time, I wrote a number of short children’s stories. I’ll be sharing those as part of my new regular updates. I’ve also brought another idea of mine back to life. So I’ve started a new collaboration with a great artist, that I’m very excited about.

And that excitement spilled over and back into Black Gold. Nunun and I spent weeks arguing over a single page. And by weeks, I mean months. It was like we were on opposite sides of a brick wall, beating on it and hoping the rhythmic banging would translate to the other. It didn’t. So we both walked away for a little while and worked on other things. We came back together, and that wall is gone. And I’m busier than ever.

My Facebook page is no longer just for Black Gold. I’ve updated it to reflect the brand I’m building. It is small, and we are few, but I want to promote all of the artists that I’m working with and all of the stories that are being brought to life.

So expect more updates as I and the artists get our rhythm back. Keep an eye out for more progress on Black Gold and on The Martyrs (coming as a webcomic soon).

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