Writers trying to draw

I managed to get a lot of work done on J.O.G. 2.0 today!

The first draft of a script is always really rough, but it feels good to finally have everything down on paper. Or, well, what we consider to be paper now-days. It’s definitely going to need some fine tuning and some fleshing out, but issue one is completely written! Woot!

I ventured into another area of comic production today. Character concept. Now, I can develop characters just fine. I did it for years, writing fiction. When things get visual, that’s when it gets a little hairy. You see, I’m a writer. Other than my beautiful, beautiful words, I have no artistic talent. None. Zip. Nada. And I try very hard not to subject anyone to my… doodles.

But today, I was lucky enough to develop an alien for J.O.G. 2.0.

This alien race comes from a swamp-like planet. For protection, they have scales over their bodies which fade to flesh on their necks. Their heads are hairless – brows hairless. Their faces are rounded with snake-like slits for noses. The males of the race boast control over their prehensile tails, which they wrap about their thighs when they move. The females are marked by a lack of tail. A member of this race is considered mature when they develop a collar of leathery frills about their neck. Being from a dark swamp land, the whole race is very pale. Imagine if the tar-spitting dinosaur from Jurassic Park had a baby with a member of the Borg empire.

And… I’ve gone and grossed myself out.

This has been your comic update. Remember that you can pre-order my comic Black Gold before it’s released in December. And stay tuned for other comic updates.

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