What’s Left?

Updated June 9, 2020

What’s Left is a Mixed media anthology BENEFITING creators affected by covid-19 and #BLM charities.

In a time of chaos, where is the silver lining? When you’re dealt a bad hand, how to you make the best of it? When you experience loss, how do you move forward? We find ourselves asking: What’s Left?

What’s Left is creativity, small victories, and voices to be heard.

What’s Left is a collection of stories and comics about coming together, leaning on one another, and standing strong.

Anthology submissions due 6/30/2020

Want to participate in What’s Left?

We’re looking for submissions of comics (black and white or grayscale!), short stories, poems, illustrations and photographs that fit the theme: What’s Left?

You can find our submission form here!
Or check out our F.A.Q. below for more information.


How does What’s Left? benefit creators?
We’ll be running a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo, essentially selling copies of the anthology. Proceeds will fund ten (10) microgrants for creators affected by Covid-19. Remaining proceeds will be donated to a #BLM charity voted on by contributors.

Can I qualify for a micro-grant?
If you’re in any creative field – professionally, freelance, contract – and you lost income due to cancelled conventions, closed stores/studios, or stay-at-home orders in general, you qualify.

Will contributors be paid for participating in What’s Left?
After we hit our funding goal, additional proceeds are going to charity. Our funding breakdown is as follows: First $1,000 (ten microgrants). Additional proceeds are shared 75% charitable donation, 25% shared with contributors.

Are you profiting from What’s Left?
Not at all. Our staff is donating our time and talents to organizing and editing the volume.

How will you handle print editions?
Our usual printers are closed at the moment, but we’ll be working with a Print On Demand vendor. This isn’t ideal for our usual print orders, but we’re confident it’ll be perfect for What’s Left?

Does my submission need to be new/original?
The work needs to be wholly original (your own), and it needs to properly fit the theme of What’s Left? However, we’re happy to accept submissions of previously finished or informally published work (personal website, webcomic, ect).

How big will the book be?
We’re hoping to compile a volume between 100 and 200 pages. Page size will be U.S. standard comic size.

Is there a page count/word count maximum or minimum?
No minimum! For comics, we’d like submissions of 12 pages or less. Short stories should be 7,000 words or less. (These are guidelines, not hard rules.)

What if I have additional questions?
Feel free to reach out to Arledge Comics on Twitter or email us at admin@arledgecomics.com