What’s Left?

Updated February 9, 2021

What’s Left is a Mixed media anthology BENEFITING creators affected by covid-19 and #BLM charities.

In a time of chaos, where is the silver lining? When you’re dealt a bad hand, how to you make the best of it? When you experience loss, how do you move forward? We find ourselves asking: What’s Left?

What’s Left? is creativity, small victories, and voices to be heard.

What’s Left? is a collection of stories and comics about coming together, leaning on one another, and standing strong.

Featuring the talents of:
Michi | Jude Deluca | Harriette Chan | Rachel Jackson | Indira Dudley | Chris Lackie | Dan Gorman | Brian Dunphy | Bryn Ziegler | Eddy Hedington | Raymond Griffith | Abby Denton Morgan Rua | Julia Margarita Quiceno | JT Philips | Isabel Hatherell | Alberto Rayo | Camilo Aguirre | Patrick McEvoy | Randy Valiente

Want to Support What’s Left?

You can support the campaign – and snag your copy of the book – via this link:

Applying for a grant?

Just fill out this form: [What’s Left? Creator Micro Grant]


How does What’s Left? benefit creators?
We’ll be running a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo, essentially selling copies of the anthology. Proceeds will fund microgrants for creators affected by Covid-19. Additional proceeds will be donated to a #BLM charity voted on by contributors.

Can I qualify for a micro-grant?
If you’re in any creative field – professionally, freelance, contract – and you lost income due to cancelled conventions, closed stores/studios, or stay-at-home orders in general, you qualify.

Are you profiting from What’s Left?
Not at all. Our staff is donating our time and talents to organizing and editing the volume.

What if I have additional questions?
Feel free to reach out to Arledge Comics on Twitter or email us at admin@arledgecomics.com