The writing of the first installment of Alex Priest is engaging and, action-packed- and something people today would enjoy reading in any medium.

Shaun Barbour (

This first issue of Alex Priest sucked me in immediately… 

Kleffnotes (

“The Monster” (Jenn Arledge), a four-page tale that reads all too quick, interestingly becomes an economic masterpiece in its final panel. Arledge’s use of misdirection is memorable in a story made all the more unsettling by the cartoonish artwork (Mharz, Micah Weltsch). 

Kyle Malone (

To find a story [Avie’s Stories] as beautifully written, as kind and gentle, and as thought provoking as this collection is rare.

Shad Engkilterra (

Alex Priest is pure delight, an unofficial sequel to Buffy in an engaging world of surprising depth and detail. It’s got action, romance, laughs, monsters, and all the other cool things that make life worth living.

Travis Holyfield (Street Clothes)

This strip [The Warrior Queen] was a bit of a gut punch due to how this fairy-tale plays out. The story builds up well to give the strip its emotional impact in the closing panels. I’m deliberately avoiding saying too much about the story as I don’t want to spoil the strip. The artwork plays well with the fairy-tale tone of the story particularly with the bright colors and sets. The lettering on the captions further emphasized the fairy-tale aspect in how they are presented. It’s a nice touch that works better than the standard caption design. A well executed strip that’s all about the ending.

Stephen Ward (irishcomicnews)

Art [of The Great Witch Artemis] is amazing… deadpan humor is on point. It read like a cartoon, and I had fun on the ride.

John Horsley (Spoiler Country Podcast)

The Great Witch Artemis is a fantastically written story that has strong characters, engaging dialogue, and a great sense of adventure. I give this 10/10

James Kniseley (Paladins Comic)

[My Kingdom for a Panel] is the perfect collection for both comic and literary lovers.

The Nerdy Girl Express

[No Going Back is] A charming story with atmospheric art. Charming and unsettling in all the right places.

Tim Seeley (Image Comics’ HACK/SLASH, REVIVAL)

No Going Back is a powerful tale for our times. Without casting blame, it illustrates how the desire for safety can lead to authoritarianism, and shows why the young should never blindly obey the rules of their elders. As a celebration of books, storytelling, imagination and love, No Going Back is a delight.

Robin Furth (Marvel’s DARK TOWER)

Mike Furth and Anna Wieszczyk pull no punches in [No Going Back,] this gorgeously rendered coming-of-age adventure of ideology versus identity. Where crossing the line is the first step to crumbling the walls of systemic fear.

Dean Haspiel (Image Comics’ THE RED HOOK)

[Cream Maid is] Charming, funny and – in its own whimsical way – sort of epic.

M.R. Carey (The Girl with All the Gifts)