No Going Back

They survived an economic apocalypse by building a wall. It circled around their homes and kept out the danger. That’s what Rebecca was born into. A life of farming, the greater good, and no questions. Never allowed to leave, or see the devastation beyond. At fourteen she yearns to know, to explore, to see the world for herself. To work up the courage to tell her crush, Gloria, her true feelings.

She finds a crack in the wall, an opening to a world she has never seen. She and her brother, Henry, investigate. They find comic books and trinkets of a bygone world. And a way out of this life. They try to hide their secret but the word gets out and they are chased. They run to the exit in the wall. Rebecca makes it. Henry does not.

And so Rebecca is left to herself to explore this strange and alien world. Full of wonders, mysteries, and of course, danger. She has to find a way to survive, finding food and shelter, and fending off the people her parents told her were beyond the safety of the wall. Some of them are friends, some are as bad as the warnings.

Some are worse.

Written by Micahel Furth
Illustrated by Anna Wiezcyk
Edited by Natalie Cooper

Coming Spring 2020