The Martyrs

Post-apocalyptic. World War III has come to a close. The Americas sank into the oceans after the ice caps melted. Humanity has split into two large groups. The first holds its headquarters at what was once Berlin. They attempted to model themselves after the pre-war United Nations. Their prime directive is keeping peace in these troubled times. The second group pledged allegiance to a warlord who has set up his base in Former Beijing. He seeks to purify the human race, since the nuclear fallout from WWIII left a large number of people with visible mutations.

In what was Europe, there is no concept of race or religion or even creed. People are simply humans – the need to sustain food and clean drinking water is more imperative than the finer points of culture that Earth once knew. In Former China, the warlord has established an almost-theocracy, with himself at the head of it. There is no religion other than loyalty to the warlord, himself. There are two races: the pure and the fallen – those affected by the fallout. The warlord will not rest until the pure is the sole race on Earth.

Written by Jenn Arledge
Illustrated by Rafa Lee
Cover Art by Greg Woronchack and Micah Weltsch

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