Black Gold

Black Gold follows the story of Captain Jacqueline DeBeau and the crew of the Siren Queen as they sail the 19th century waters of the Mediterranean raiding merchant ships in the name of fortune and fame. Captain Jaq steers her ship with an iron fist. She demands respect and accepts nothing but utmost loyalty from her men. The crew of the Siren Queen never takes prisoners. Jaq DeBeau disallows the trade of human flesh – either for labor or pleasure – making her the toughest pirate captain to serve under.

After a loot job gone bad, Jaq finds herself the steward of a dozen African slaves. Men, children and one striking woman who captures the attention of the crew – and the captain’s heart. When a crew driven nearly mad by greed and starvation threatens mutiny, Jaq is faced with a compromise of her moral convictions that could leave her without her loot, her love or even her life.

Reboot – and graphic novel! – coming
Summer 2021

Written by Jordaan Arledge & Bryce Beal
Illustrated by Matt Aych Taylor
Colors by Melissa Capriglione & Diane Rockwell (flats)
Lettered by Davis Rush
Edited by Natalie Cooper