Trial Run

Imagine your parents were super heroes.
Now imagine that you’re given the chance to be a hero, too.

You just have to pick your power.

That’s where the idea of “Trial Run” came from. Jon’s parents are the superheroes Tremor and Zephyr – heroes with the power of earth quakes and super speed. When he turned 18, he was given a special tea that allowed him to have a different super power every day for one week until he decided on what power will make him a hero.

Edited by Jordaan Arledge
Cover art by Julia Hutchinson
Interiors by: Adam T Bennett, Anne Mortensen-Agnew, Brandon Fuller
Carie Ng, Cassie Parkes, Charlotte Wadsworth, Cristian David Navarro
Cristina Koenig, Christopher Demetriou, Craig Dixon, Danos Philopoulos
Edwin Domingo, Emmett Helen, Gina Trujilo, Jenn Arledge, John Horsley
Julia Hutchinson, Liam Baldwin, Micah Weltsch, Mike Grossman
Scott Malin, Stella Violari