Legends & Lore

Two pillars stand before you. 
The first, ancient and crumbling, having withstood the test of time: a symbol of strength through decay. The second, shining and new, all sharp edges and sparkling obsidian: a symbol of the triumph of progress.

Welcome to Arledge Comics’ Legends and Lore, twin anthologies about some of the world’s most powerful stories – the myths that make us. The full collection will present the stories you know in ways you never knew. Ranging from east to west, from past to future, the collection will be both a comprehensive anthropological look at the history of storytelling and an inventive reimagination of tales from a 21st-century lens. 

Legends and Lore: Titans and Tradition will focus on classical myth, modernized. This can include anything from Olympus set in a high school to retelling your favourite stories with more current themes. Myth can include anything from written stories to fairy tales to oral legends. We are looking for stories spanning mythologies all over the globe. Zeus will stand proudly alongside the Great Fisher, the Kamiumi, and Quetzalcoatl. 

Legends and Lore: Modern Mythos will focus on contemporary myth. In a world where superheroes become myths, where urban legends are still whispered in attics, and where the internet can create a boogeyman, stories are much more than they used to be. In ancient times, myths explained the unexplainable. What do they do now? How do we interact with them? And what comes next? Modern Myth is a collection about myth in the 21st century. 

Submission Details:

Submissions open 8/1/19
Submissions close 8/31/19
Acceptance emails will be sent on or before 10/1/19

What we’re looking for
– Comics, Illustrations, and Short Stories inspired by or about mythology
– Comics ranging from two to ten pages in length
– Comics and Illustrations in black and white or grayscale
– Short stories ranging from one to four pages

What we’re not looking for
– Straight retellings of any myth
– Explicit sex or nudity
– Previously published materials
– Incomplete creative teams

What you need to apply
– Portfolios for all members of the creative team
– Full synopsis of your story (comic/short story) proposal
– Detailed outline of your illustration proposal
– Proposed final page count

– Comic creators will be paid $40 per page, per team
– Single illustrations will be paid $75
– Short story writers will be paid $10 per story or $10 per 1,000 words – whichever is greater
– All contributors will receive a complete two-volume set of Legends & Lore in addition to two complimentary copies of the volume their work appears in. Contributors will be able to purchase additional copies at a discounted rate.
– Payment is subject to Kickstarter success and subject to pay increases through stretch goals.

Contributors cede to Arledge Comics first worldwide print and digital rights to their work for six months following date of publication, and non-exclusive worldwide reprint and digital rights in perpetuity. Intellectual property and all non-publishing licensing rights remain with their creators.

Can I apply for both?
Can I submit multiple ideas? You may, but please be aware we may limit accepted submissions to one per creator.

This anthology is no longer accepting submissions! Stay tuned as we update with exciting news about these volumes!