Avie’s Stories

…”Avie.” The diminutive of avunculus – from which we get “uncle.” My gender-neutral alternative for the queer aunt/uncle.

Avie’s Stories is a collection of queer inclusive children’s comics. Fun for all ages, this is an ideal volume to introduce your early reader to the world of comics.  Avie’s Stories – The Ultimate Collection – consists of 44 pages of full color comics. It’s printed at a smaller manga size, so it’s friendly for smaller hands, and will be perfect bound for durability. 

To find a story as beautifully written, as kind and gentle, and as thought provoking as this collection is rare.


Written by Jenn Arledge
Cover Art by Sharron Arledge
Interiors: Charlotte Watson, Jay Goldstein, Annette Blank,
Craig Dixon, Natalie Cooper, Veronica Azana,
Melissa Capriglione, Emmett Helen