Professional Pride Pin


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Whether it’s pride season, a pop culture convention, or a drag show, we’ve all found that space that lets us be professionally ourselves. 

Each pin is a 2″, painted black plated, soft enamel pin. These come with two rubber clutches to prevent spinning and fully support the pin.  



All enamel pins are graded into two grades: A and B grade. All pins are graded per batch, so you may receive a pin with more or less flaws than previous orders. A grade pins are free of many/most defects. B grade pins are free of major defects but may be flawed in some way. These flaws may include but are not limited to: scratches in the metal or enamel, dents in the metal, bubbles in the enamel, incorrect plating or production style. Compared to A grade pins, the difference is between a “new” looking pin and one that’s been worn/broken in. Because of this, B grade pins are priced at a 50% discount.


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