No Going Back



They survived the collapse of society by building a wall…

It circled the town, keeping the good in and the bad out. Families, farms, community, in. Devastation, horror, starvation, out. This is the world Rebecca was born into. At fourteen, she yearns to know what is beyond the wall. Could the world really be as bad as her parents say? Can she find the courage to step outside, to find the truth?

Written and Lettered by Mike Furth
Illustrated and Cover Art by Anna Wieszczyk
Edited by Natalie Cooper

201 pages. Teen.
Limited Color.

3 reviews for No Going Back

  1. Jordaan (store manager)

    “A charming story with atmospheric art. Charming and unsettling in all the right places.” Tim Seeley (Image Comics’ HACK/SLASH, REVIVAL)

  2. Jordaan (store manager)

    “No Going Back is a powerful tale for our times. Without casting blame, it illustrates how the desire for safety can lead to authoritarianism, and shows why the young should never blindly obey the rules of their elders. As a celebration of books, storytelling, imagination and love, No Going Back is a delight.” Robin Furth (Marvel’s DARK TOWER)

  3. Jordaan (store manager)

    “Mike Furth and Anna Wieszczyk pull no punches in this gorgeously rendered coming-of-age adventure of ideology versus identity. Where crossing the line is the first step to crumbling the walls of systemic fear.” Dean Haspiel (Image Comics’ THE RED HOOK)

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