My Kingdom for a Panel


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A Roman PTA meeting, teen witches on spring break, and a motorcycle race against Time itself.

 My Kingdom for a Panel is a flavorful (or flavourful) collection of stories re-imagining classic Shakespearean tales and comics honoring (or honouring) the Bard himself. Featuring nearly 200 pages and 26 original stories from writers and artists all over the world, sharing their love and appreciation for William Shakespeare.


Edited by Jordaan Arledge and Natalie Cooper
Cover Art by Michi
Interiors by Mei Lian Hoe | Drew Dillon | Jenna Ayoub | Beth Barnett | Micah Weltsch | JD Boucher | Theresa Chiechi | Scott Malin | Bryce Beal | Benesumi | Ben Pyle | Renan Balmonte | Sal Fitzgerald | Raymond Griffith | Heather Kenealy | Erik Lervold | Claire Donaghue | Safiyya Hosein | Gina Basora | Steven Andrews | Sierra Barnes | Dawn Burke | Melissa Capriglione | John Ellis | Sonya Kinsey | LetterSquids | Keith McQuade | James Stone | Nicolo’ Arcuti | Maria Carvalho | Allison Bannister | Tom O’Brien | Erin Ehrola | Shannon Ehrola | Andrea Rosales | Diane Rockell | Matt Kund | Noah Ray | Emmett Helen | Gregory Woronchak | Jordaan Arledge | Natalie Cooper | Zakk Saam


176 pages. Black and White.


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