My Kingdom for a Panel

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Friends, writers, artists. Lend me your ears.
My Kingdom for a Panel is live and accepting submissions!
Submissions are closed! Jenn and Natalie are reviewing pitches now!

What is My Kingdom?
My Kingdom for a Panel is an anthology featuring comics inspired by the works of William Shakespeare, edited by Jenn Arledge and Natalie Cooper – published by Arledge Comics.

– Submissions are open starting July 1, 2018
– Submissions will close August 10, 2018 at 11:59 PM PST
– Acceptance letters will be emailed on or before September 15, 2018

What we’re looking for:shakespeare-icon-26
– Comics inspired by Shakespeare
– Shakespearean reinterpretations
– Comic adaptations of sonnets
– Retellings of Shakespearean classics
– Comics about Shakespeare
– Comics exploring classic Shakespearean characters/themes
– Comics ranging between two and ten pages in length

What we’re also looking for:
– Enamel pin design
– Cover art

What we’re not looking for:
– Comic adaptaions of Shakespearean classics
– Explicit sex or nudity
– Previously published material
– Incomplete creative teams

What’s the difference between a retelling and an adaptation?
Your epic fantasy based loosely on Othello sounds awesome. Your historically accurate comic that retells Romeo and Juliet? Not so much.

How to submit:
Please fill out this form to submit your pitch. You may submit more than one pitch.

What you need to submit a form:
– Full synopsis of your comic proposal (including spoilers! We want to know how the comic ends)
– Portfolios for all members of your creative team (writers, line artists, colorists – if they’re working on the submission, we want to see their portfolios)
– Proposed final page count (Please keep page counts between 2-10 pages)
– Character sketches

– Creative teams will be paid a page rate of $20 pending funding through Kickstarter
– Pin and cover art design will be negotiated separately
– Creators will receive pay increases based on met stretch goals
– Contributors will receive one comp copy each regardless of Kickstarter success.

And, oh hey, by the way:
-The anthology will be printed in black & white or grayscale. Full-color comics are beautiful, but not what we’re interested in this time.
-It’ll also be printed at a smaller-than-standard-comic size (approximately 5.5×7.75″, closer to manga size) so it’ll look and feel more like a paperback book. Templates will be provided!
-Also! In honour (oh, god, Jenn’s American and it hurts) of Shakespeare, British English spellings are requested.

Contributors cede to Arledge Comics first worldwide print and digital rights to their work for six months following date of publication, and non-exclusive worldwide reprint and digital rights in perpetuity. Intellectual property and all non-publishing licensing rights remain with their creators.

Still have questions?
You can hit up Jenn or Natalie on Twitter or email us at arledgecomics @ gmail