Avie’s Stories

…”Avie.” The diminutive of avunculus – from which we get “uncle.” My gender-neutral alternative for the queer aunt/uncle.

I’m honestly so terrible with children. The very thought of a baby gives me shivers – and not the good kind. When I was a kid, I resigned myself to knowing I’d always be the cool aunt and never ever – never ever – the mom. And I’m totally okay with that. My dislike of children goes so deep; I identify with Sheldon Cooper: “If I inquire about the welfare of your baby, do you promise to not make me touch it?”

This changed – that’s a lie, let me try again.

My friends started having babies – and baby showers are the MOST uncomfortable experiences of my life. I hate them. But I needed to do something. I needed to do something to show my close friends that I didn’t reject their kids. Just… kids in general.

So,  I sat down to start crafting some comics that were child appropriate. The collection isn’t complete yet. But once it is – and they’re old enough to appreciate them – I’ll be that cool avie that published comics for them.

Avies Stories Cover_Main

Shark Attack
Kitty Coats
Penguin’s Flight
Pirate Puppies